Fall Update: My Life as a Venn Diagram

vennWhere Set A = Writing and Set B = Rocking.

There’s lots happening this fall here at the intersection of the two.

On the writing front, I’m gearing up for the publication of Partisans, an essay collection that Black Lawrence Press will release in May. I’ll have cover artwork to share soon, but for now, here’s an exceedingly kind blurb from the great Meghan Daum: “I read Partisans in fits of recognition and admiration. It’s a formidable collection by a genuine talent.”

On the rocking front, click HERE to listen to the new songs Watershed released last summer. Click HERE for more information about the Dead Schembechlers’ 2016 Hate Michigan Rally and the release of the band’s new coloring book, “Scarlet Submarine.”

Coming Soon (writing): News about my next book project. Also news about bringing the currently out-of-print Hitless Wonder back into publication.

Coming Soon (rocking): News about a Watershed Xmas show in Columbus and a new Watershed album.

As they say in the news biz, watch this space.

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