John Andrew “Andyman” Davis, In Memoriam

Columbus lost an institution this weekend when CD101’s Andyman Davis drowned while vacationing with his family in Michigan. Andyman has often been called “The Big Man With The Bigger Heart,” and if his stopped beating too soon, it’s only because he gave of it so freely.

Andyman’s life was cut painfully short, but he didn’t get cheated. He was a devoted husband and father, with a beautiful wife and three sons. He has more friends than anyone I know. He programmed the best radio station in America. He (for years singlehandedly) conducted a radio-a-thon that has raised hundreds of thousands  for children’s charities. If during your short time on earth you can get both a bar and an “a-thon” named after you, you’re doing a whole lot right. I say Columbus should do Andyman one better: rename S. Front St., “Andyman Way.”

Andyman had a laugh that started in his kneecaps.

He had a majestic head of hair.

He was a world-class pitchman. Those damn testimonials for Red Lobster had me dreaming about Cheddar Bay biscuits for months.

He’s the only person I know that could convincingly call someone “Brother.”

His support for local and up-and-coming bands went way beyond the call of duty.

He loved rock and roll and radio more than anyone in the business, but he realized none of it was as important as friends, family, and doing the right thing.

He was a true son of Columbus.

We’ll miss you, brother.

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