I Hate The Dead Schembechlers

My ex-good buddies The Dead Schembechlers have announced that they will be playing their annual Hate Michigan Rally again this year. At Skully’s in Columbus. As always the rally will happen on the Friday before the OSU/Michigan game. November 26.

Watershed will NOT be on be bill this go around. In recent months the Schembechlers and Watershed have had something of a falling out. I can’t go into the particulars, but suffice it to say that if I ever catch that pinhead Bo Vicious in a dark alley I’m going to monkey stomp the granny glasses right off his acne-scarred face. Plus he owes me fifteen bucks and three White Castle fish sandwiches. The panty sniffer.

But don’t let my personal conflict keep you from the noble cause of hating Michigan. Shoot, I’ll probably show up for the gig anyway.  You should to.

The Hate Michigan Rally will absolutely sell out (and when it does I’ll never hear the end of it), so get your tickets now by clicking HERE.

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