Publishing News

I’ve received some sweet news in the last couple weeks, the kind of news you’re always hoping to find when you open the ol’ In Box.

One: The mensches at storySouth (True guardians of the New South, I say. Kinda like the Carolina Light Infantry, but with laptops instead of muskets) have accepted my short story, “Towing and Recovery.” It’s about a working class guy who’s struggling with the responsibilities of adulthood and fatherhood. Look for the story to run mid-September.

Two: The long-running literary journal, The Louisville Review, will be publishing my play, “Los Camioneros,” in their fall issue. The play is about immigrant smugglers, and it’s based on true events. And since it’s coming out in The Louisville Review, my recommendation is that you enjoy it with bourbon. I’m thinking Basel Hayden’s.

Remember, kids: Readin’s good for you.

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