Publishing News: New Year’s Edition

Greetings from Dixie, where 2011 is coming to a close with a flurry of good news:

  • storySouth recently nominated my story, “Towing and Recovery,” for a Pushcart Prize. Thanks, gents!
  • Shortly after the new year, the super cool (and cool-looking) literary journal, White Space, will publish my essay, “This Machine No Longer Kills Fascists (Did it Ever?),” in which I lament the fact that pop music doesn’t even try to bring about social change. It does, however, insist that we 1.) Party! and 2.) Buy Shit!
  • Also in early 2012, I’ll be getting all Dickensian on your asses when the Victorians Institute Journal publishes my academic paper, “Knights of the Napkin: Waiters as Class-Enforcers in David Copperfield.” Seriously.
  • Later in 2012, the hepcats at The Normal School will publish my essay, “The Mercy Kill,” which is about murder in the suburbs. Plus, it’s got dogs! (Friendly Warning: If you liked MARLEY AND ME, you’ll hate this piece.)
  • 2012 will see a new, full-length Watershed album.
  • And in June, of course, my memoir, HITLESS WONDER, will arrive on bookstore shelves, but remember it’s available for pre-order now at Amazon and other sites. Look: You’re going to Amazon anyway. Why not click that sucker into your cart? It makes a swell gift.

Here’s hoping 2012 treats you well.

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