It’s Festival Season, Yo.

PhishLet’s eat a fistful of mushrooms, dance like zombified squirrels, and pass out in the mud, with nothing to keep us warm but our collective inner-sunshine and the heat of a million one-hitters.

As appealing as that sounds, I expect an entirely different festival experience on Saturday, May 11, when I’ll be at the Ohioana Book Festival in Columbus. At 10:15 am, I’ll be speaking as part of a panel called “Jazz, Rock, and Hard Rock,” and although the conversation might not approach the gravitas of scholarship likeĀ  Understanding ‘It’: Affective Authenticity, Space, and the Phish Scene,* we’ll try to slog along as best we can. Hope to see you there.

*This is the title of an actual Ph.D. dissertation by Elizabeth Anne Yeager (Kansas University, 2011) which “explores how the production of space at Phish shows works to form a Phish scene identity.**”

**I originally Googled “Phish Dissertations” looking for a title that would be easy to make fun of, but now that I’ve read the abstract of this work, I sincerely want to read it. I’m sold, Dr. Yeager. Sold!

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