The Sountrack to the Book. Now in Audio Form.

RadioBack in July, the music and literature blog Largehearted Boy asked me to come up with a playlist for Hitless Wonder. Rather than include a selection of Watershed songs, I decided to list songs by other bands, songs that should have hit big enough to put those bands’ grandkids through college. You can read about those songs and bands HERE.

But now, to do you one better, on February 18 a DJ at WRIR 97.3 FM in Richmond, dedicated his whole show to the Hitless Wonder playlist. Yep. He played them all. Here’s what this means: Slim Dunlap got played on the radio. Two Cow Garage got played on the radio. So did Adam Schmitt and Uptown Sinclair and Jonny Polonsky. You can listen to/download the show HERE. Click the orange arrow at the bottom of the screen and enjoy.

4 thoughts on “The Sountrack to the Book. Now in Audio Form.

  1. Brilliant! Adam Schmitt, Jonny Polonsky, of course, Cheap Trick? And Flipp! Damn, Joe, this is awesome.

    Speaking of Flipp, I’m having a blast managing Brynn’s new band, The Oddfathers. Stop by Facebook and Like if you haven’t already….

    Hope you are well!


  2. Owning both of Adam Schmitt’s albums, this made me smile big time. Still, nothing on either album is quite as good as “Speed Kills” which appeared on the Yellow Pills anthology. I forget which volume right off the top of my head. It’s going to appear on my 100 Song iPod challenge that I hope to launch in the next month or so…

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